Pleasant Waxing Hair Removal in Texas

If anyone knows anything about body waxing the one thing that you know for sure is that it is painful. The idea of waxing is that the hair is pulled directly from your skin. All the pain receptors in your body tell you that this is not good and you should be afraid of it. I have never received a bikini wax ever as that is an area that I am very afraid of. It was time for a bikini wax though and I was so afraid. I was in Houston at the time and I took to yelp to see who was the best in the area I was in. After reading every review of a waxing salon around Houston I found one place that had awesome reviews. But the most most important thing about these reviews were there common theme of “the waxing was painless” throughout each and every experience.


The Best Waxing Salon in Texas

Whether or not Pristine Body Studio is the best waxing salon in Texas is up for interpretation but the way I felt when I left after receiving my bikini wax service I would agree 100%. The yelp reviews described exactly how the waxing went. my wax specialist was the most caring and best person I could possibly have. I didn’t get the feeling that I was just a customer, she took care of me and asked all kinds of questions to help me cope with the waxing service.

How Was This Bikini Waxing Different?

As you know I never had a bikini wax done but I have had several leg waxing experiences with some of the big chain city waxing salons. Those experiences were very bad and I am surprised I went back to get them done again. The thing is, I never knew places like Pristine existed with wax specialist that literally take away the pain from the waxing. It’s like eating at the worst restaurant not knowing another one existed. Needless to say the next time I am in the Houston area I will get my waxing service done there again.

Hard Wax and Soft Wax

Something I never seen done before was having both hard and soft wax used on my service. The reason for this she explained was that different waxes have their strengths and weaknesses for the different parts of the body. From what I was told the consistency of the wax and the method for removing hair with each is different. Different locations require different techniques which in turn require different wax.



Living In A Small Town. What the Big City Doesn’t Have.

Living In A Small Town. What the Big City Doesn’t Have.

The main difference that one notices when living in a small town is the lack of people. In comparison to a big city like New York City the amount of people per square mile is drastically different. When that many people live together you are bound to have a few stress issues among the population. This is where the small town shines. The people in the town per square mile is so low that rather stir up anger and animosity towards your neighbor you learn their name and become friends.

Who Lives in Small Towns and Cities?

Typically around larger cities the residents like to come out for the weekend to get away from it all. These residents usually have enough money to either buy or rent a weekend home. This makes up a small percentage of the residents of a small town as the majority of the people there have been there for their whole life.

What Kind of Local Businesses are in Small Towns?

Smaller towns typically have family owned and operated businesses that have been their for years and years. This is what makes small towns in america great as the local businesses and people can thrive off of their own self made economy. Most of the time big business has no place in a small town as the cost o coming there would outweigh what they would make in profit.

Local Pizza Place Has the Best Pie


In our adventures we discover some pretty interesting places to eat, drink and have fun within small towns throughout the U.S.A. In this instance we stopped at a local pizza place with what has to be the best pizza we have ever had in our life. There was something different about this pizza, we couldn’t put our finger on it but everything about the pizza was extraordinary. From the ingredients to the tray it sat on this pizza was excellent. We ordered a large pepperoni cut into squares and it was delivered fresh and hot to our table.

The Pizza Ingredients

The ingredients the pizza was made with were all home made, from the sauce made from tomatoes the morning before to the handmade pepperoni. I think this was the awesome thing we couldn’t put our fingers on. We are so used to everything coming through a factory line and having that canned taste. Fresh ingredients made the difference with this pizza pie along with being baked in a large outdoor brick pizza oven.

How Did We Find The Best Pizza Place

The funny thing about this night is we had intended to grab some Chinese food but instead we made the decision to get pizza from the best pizza place. We went to and located a pizza parlor near us that was within walking distance. The building the pizza place was in was beautiful. The ambiance was that of a traditional pizza place with low lighting from candles and accents on the wall. This restaurant looked like something out of a romantic movie that two of the characters fall in love in.

In conclusion, we plan on coming back to this pizza place once we are back in town as the best pizza place to be found in this town is here. We spoke to the cook and the manager to let them know how much we enjoyed the pizza and the service. We also emailed the owner and gave them a 5 star review on letting everyone know about the awesome experience we had. If you are ever in this town make sure you stop by this pizza place.

Small Town Blues. How to Get Out of the Rut.

If you are like millions of other Americans who live in a small town and support small town business this small article is for you. We here at GTMT are tired of being pushed out by the big boy cities. Too many times have these cities stole the spotlight from us when we are the backbone of the United States. The small businesses that made the American economy great still thrive in the small towns because small town people support small town businesses. The restaurants and hair salons thrive here as we deny any big box stores from taking away our small town charm. So in the event you would like to support a small town restaurant or grocery store look no further than this blog. We will keep you up to date as to where the place are to go in the small towns.